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Butwal Power Company (BPC) is one of the leading companies in Nepal’s power sector with development, generation and distribution as its core business areas since 1966. The Company is seeking to fulfill following vacancies:

Position : Electrical Overseer - Distribution
Employment  Status : Contract

Job Description

  1. Operation and maintenance of distribution networks.
  2. Monitor preventive operation and maintenance of distribution networks and its implementation enforcing safety standards.
  3. Confirmation of entrusted controls as pre-established BPC codes like terms and condition of supply and citizen charter and other applicable statutory standards.
  4. Responsible for communicating the organization’s environmental policies and procedures to the staffs within the OM & their responsibilities for quality and environmental management including legal compliance.
  5. Preparation & monitoring of action plan for commercial loss monitoring.
  6. Stock maintain of critical spare parts and safekeeping in operation/maintenance unit.
  7. Ensure that the devices used for condition monitoring and other relevant repair and maintenance is calibrated and re-calibrated timely as given in IMS Manual.
  8. Coordination with UO in line with rule & regulation in operation maintenance of distribution network.
  9. Appropriate appeasement of consumer grievances. Ensure customer feedbacks are taken timely as per plan and corrective and preventive actions are taken.
  10. Provides safe and reliable services to customers within area of responsibility according to company’s rules and regulations.
  11. Proper management of scrap generated during operation & maintenance activities.
  12. Assists to supervisor in reviewing and updating of the BPC’s rules, regulation and policies.
  13. Preparation the line diagram and load flow diagram of distribution line.
  14. Produces following reports: Monthly Quarterly Annual
  15. Supervises all staff members within the responsibility and their performance evaluation.
  16. Perform on-call duty as per requirement.

Job Specification

Qualifications : Diploma in Electrical Engineering or minimum 4 years apprentice certificate in Electrical discipline
Experience : One year experience in relevant field (power plant, power systems) shall be given priority
Skills : Familiar with MS Office Package (Word, Excel etc). Able to prepare report.

Interested candidates should apply along with full CV and one recent passport size photo before 11 Falgun, 2074 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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