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BPC received a survey license for the Mugu Karnali Hydropower Project (MKHPP) in 2074, with an estimated project capacity of 160 MW. The project license boundary lies in Soru Rural Municipality of Mugu District and Adanchuli Rural Municipality of Humla District of Karnali Pradesh. The nearest road head to this project is a gravel road from Gamgadhi, Mugu, Nepal. The project area is currently accessible via foot trails and mule tracks. As of now, a motorable road is being constructed along the left bank of Mugu Karnali River, which is being used as access road for the project. Gamgadhi, Mugu can be reached via a 316 km motorable gravel road from Birendranagar, Surkhet.

Detailed feasibility and EIA study are in progress. The topographic survey, geotechnical investigations and geological mapping have been completed. Hydrological data collection by means of direct flow measurement and gauge reading is ongoing. Likewise, sediment sample collection and analysis are also ongoing.

License boundary of the Project has overlapped with the license boundary of Mugu Karnali Storage Hydropower Project, which is owned by Vidhyut Utpadan Company Limited (VUCL). The survey license was issued to VUCL by overlapping the area in order for BPC and VUCL to carry out the feasibility study. The salient features given below are based on the feasibility study findings;

Mugu Karnali HEP 159

Fact Sheet

Project Location

Soru Rural Municipality of Mugu District and Adanchuli Rural Municipality of Humla District, Karnali Pradesh, Nepal

Project Type

Peaking Run-of River

Installed Capacity

174 MW

Annual Energy Generation

994 GWh

Design Discharge

81.25 m3 /s at 40% PoE

Gross Head

263 m

Head Race Tunnel

14 km

Power Evacuation

Proposed Mugu-Karnali Hub